Today’s kids inspire me a lot…

Normally it’s parents job to inspire their kids, motivate them and help them to remain focused to perform their tasks successfully. I try my best to fulfill this responsibility but many times it happens that my kids give me lot of inspiration and courage to improve my own performance as a parent or their mentor. I know that every parent love their kids and like to do their best to make them a better person in their own way and I am no different. The only difference is I am equally involved in this journey along with them, I am learning along with them. No one gave me any set rules or guidelines of parenting, actually I didn’t want to use the same rules and regulations which were imposed by society (and in turn by my family) on me (when I was kid). I thought those rules and regulations were to authoritarian, where parents (or elders) have full control over child’s life and respective kid is the last person to decide about what he or she wants to do in his/her life, I did not want to do this with my kids and this country (USA) gave me that opportunity, I don’t have any social or family pressure here, I don’t think it matters that much but I think it definitely helped me to floow my own way of parenting.

I am enjoying my journey of parenthood along with my kids, I think most parents will agree that parenting is not a easy job, there is no written manual which can guide us to become a good parent. There are so many books and online articles who can help people in figuring out how to take care of infants and how to deal with certain issues of kids but they are are helpful only to certain extend, after all every child is unique and specially gifted so parents need to figure out what works best for their kids, no book can tell that. At times it can be very stressful and frustrating but at the same time it can be a lot of fun, it depends how we want to look at it. Once we become parent we tend to look at things differently, most of us forget everything which we did as kids (all those mistakes, pranks, confusions, etc.) and expect that our kids won’t to same things, expect them to be ideal human beings, nothing wrong to have such expectations but some of us go too far to engineer their kid the way they want but don’t care what that kid want. I know that many times kids are not mature enough to decide what they should to or want to do in their life but that doesn’t mean their opinion should not be considered at all, after all it’s their life. As far as I am concerned I never forgot what I went through when I was of their age, I always try to look in that perspective, because of this I understand their frustrations, failures, pressures, confusions and problems. I very often remember my own childhood days, I agree that times have changed and today it’s a totally different world out there for kids but still the problems are more or less same. This journey is like a roller coaster ride very rewarding many times and little frustrating sometimes but this is true for any journey and that’s what make it interesting and enjoyable.

Today’s kids live in much more technological advanced era than their parents, this gives them lot of advantage as well as pose many new challenges in front of them. Not only kids but their parents also face so many new challenges in this new technology controlled era, definitely both need each others help and support to face these challenges. So according to me it needs a team work to face this challenge and that’s what I try to do in my home, my kids learn something from me (at least that’s what I think) and I also learn many things from them, I don’t know how much I inspire them but I get inspired by them a lot. Actually I see many kids around me who do so many inspiring things, they all amaze me by their talent, knowledge and enthusiasm. I am talking here about my kids in particular just because I spend more time with them compared to any other kid. No doubt that experience matters a lot and younger generation should get benefited from elders around them, at the same time elders can learn a lot from young people around them, learning and sharing is more fun when it’s two way process because one way process often gets boring and sometimes dictatorial. Thanks to all kids around me, please keep up the good work. 

Thanks for reading and please share your views on this topic.