Work-Life Balance

There are times in everyone’s life when a person gets extremely busy, there is no question of so called work-life balance (if anything like this exists) as your professional work completely takes over your daily routine and everything else gets a back seat. This is not a bad situation as such, but because of some perceptions many people don’t enjoy it. I personally have no problem if this happens once in a while as being busy is always better for me rather than having no work at all. Presently I am facing one such phase, things are so busy that I didn’t find time to write a blog post, this never happened since I started writing this blog. But I can’t complain, work is as important as anything else in my life so it gets the attention it requires and I try to do it with best of my abilities. I see sometimes people complain about their work, talk about the myth called work-life balance. This mainly happens if you consider your work as a not integral part of your life. According to me our professional life (which we all call work) is an integral part of our life, so when we separate work and life that means we consider our work as something not part of our life or something which affects our life adversely. Actually our professional work is a very important part of out lives, sometimes it creates our identity so we should not look at it as something separate from our rest of life. So ultimately, when things get busy we need to prioritize the stuff as time becomes more valuable, this is the best strategy to deal with this situation, complaining doesn’t help at all.


This post is going to be very brief as I have some other things to do 🙂 Writing the blog, playing cricket, reading, exercising, spending time with friends and family are among many things which I enjoy, at the same time I enjoy my work also. No matter what I try to find some time to do most of the things which I enjoy, this is why I am writing this post today. Now a days I am having a great time with my colleagues in the lab, the same way I enjoyed playing cricket at east rock park. Keep on reading and sharing.

Thanks for reading and please share your views on this topic


Why Do Movie Theaters Serve Popcorn?

The savory smell. The crunchy bite. The salty kick. The buttery finish.

Americans will recognize the smell and flavor of their favorite moviegoing snack anywhere. Why is it that we feast our taste buds on these crisp kernels while our eyes feast on the big screen?

A few converging aspects made popcorn the quintessential movie snack, according to Andrew F. Smith, author of Popped Culture: A Social History of Popcorn in America. Mostly, it boiled down to the snack’s price, convenience, and timing. Popcorn was cheap for sellers and for customers, and making it didn’t require a ton of equipment. Popcorn also became popular at a time when movie theaters were in desperate need of an economic boost, which is how popcorn got introduced to the silver screen.

Fun fact: popcorndoes not refer to the popped kernel alone. It’s also the name for the specific type of corn that is used to make the snack. It was originally grown in Central America and became popular in the U.S. in the mid-1800s. Compared with other snacks at the time, it was supereasy to make, and it got easier in 1885 when the mobile steam-powered popcorn maker was invented. What hit the streets in the late 19th century was a fleet of independent popcorn purveyors. They were like the great-great-grandfathers of food trucks.

Since popcorn was cheap to make, it was also cheap to buy, which increased the popularity of this treat during the Great Depression. The Depression increased consumer spending on cheaper luxury items such as popcorn and movies, and the two industries teamed up. Theaters would allow a particular popcorn salesman to sell right outside the theater for a daily fee. By the mid-1940s, however, movie theaters had cut out the middleman and begun to have their own concession stands in the lobby. The introduction of the popcorn-driven concession stand to movie theaters kept the movie theater industry afloat, and popcorn has been a movie-watching staple ever since.



If you do not compare yourself with another you will be what you are. Through comparison you hope to evolve, to grow, to become more intelligent, more beautiful. But will you? The fact is what you are, and by comparing you are fragmenting the fact which is a waste of energy. To see what you actually are without any comparison gives you tremendous energy to look. When you can look at yourself without comparison you are beyond comparison, which does not mean that the mind is stagnant with contentment. So we see in essence how the mind wastes energy which is so necessary to understand the totality of life.

To investigate the fact of your own anger


Investigate the fact of your own anger you must pass no judgement on it, for the moment you conceive of its opposite you condemn it and therefore you cannot see it as it is. When you say you dislike or hate someone that is a fact, although it sounds terrible. If you look at it, go into it completely, it ceases, but if you say, ‘I must not hate; I must have love in my heart’, then you are living in a hypocritical world with double standards. To live completely, fully, in the moment is to live with what is, the actual, without any sense of condemnation or justification- the you understand it so totally that you are finished with it. When you see clearly the problem is solved


The politician and the so-called religious person

So, it is extraordinarily difficult in this world for the mind to be free. The politician and the so-called religious person talk about freedom, that is one of their catchwords, but they jolly well take care that you are not free because, the moment you are free, you obviously become a danger to society, to organized religion, to all the rotten things that exist about you. It is only the free mind that will find out what is true, it is only the free mind that can be creative; and it is essential, in a culture of this kind, that importance be given, not to the following of a pattern, a doctrine, or a tradition, but to allowing the mind to be creative. But the mind can be creative only when it is free from conditioning, and such freedom is not easily come by; you have to work extraordinarily hard for it.



 Female feticide

On 6th /may/2012 the super star Mr. Aamir Khan starts a bold movement named as “SATYAMEBA JAYATE” where the special focus is on female feticide and there was lots of discussion on that. On that TV program by the help of sting operation few sensitive cases of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh where, how the doctors and nurses are illegally indulge in these, we saw and this also helps to increase the TRP of program. This kind of news is no way, new to the society. They also lunch FIR against those antisocial elements but, So far no action is taken on them. Even the rumor says the reporters are in trouble, means they are counter attacked by Indian Law. As per result the reporters are hovering around court till today. Again I found a new session is going to start shortly with some more cases and they also start investigation on those old cases. The honorable CM of Rajasthan Mr. Ashok Gaholat appreciate Mr. Khan and also helps to arrange a meeting with chief justice to put light on these serious issues .As outcome of this discussion  the Govt. plan to establish few fast track courts for these cases ,where the victim can get fast justice.

In top of all, the time will say what will happen, how far these decisions will be fruitful for society.

            But, what I want to discuss here is? Whatever reason the TV show “SATYAMEBA JAYATE” want to focus are those are responsible for these seen?  In my opinion NO. If we want to cure a plant then we have to check the soil quality rather than cutting all branches and leaf. What I feel in this TV show there were no discussion on the root cause of this seen. The questions remain same How to solve? How to stop?


            My question is? Why everybody in our society wants a baby boy? Even if we refer our ancient time i.e. kings age they did PUTRESTHI JANGYA for above. Who told only a boy can give GATI-MUKTI to his parents. Who told only a boy can give MUKHA-AGNI? The answers of these questions I won’t get from “SATYAMEBA JAYATE”. Whereas the fact is the TV show so sensible because of the real victims with real stories. For that Mr. Khan become talk of town.

            What I believe the problem lies in our so far called tradition and custom. In our every   VEDAS, GRANTH and UPANISAD like RAMAYAN, MAHABHARAT everywhere the importance is given to boys. From the very beginning this false concept we want one boy child in any how required.

            In ATHARBA VEDA it was mention the wanting of boy instead of girl child. In RUG VEDA it was mentioned YAMI told her husband the new upcoming boy child will be greatest grandson. In MAHABHARAT also PANDU asked to KUNTI as he got curse that he can’t go for relation with his wife so for that reason he asked to go for relation with any other man who is of equal or more in standard. In Ramayana also the king Dasaratha did a PUTRESTHI JANGYA no need to elaborate it as we all know what happen next. From the Ramayana time also the Devi Sita recovered from soil. In that time the people throws the girl child as garbage in drains and wells. MANU also wrote for a boy child a husband can divorce has a wife and same time can have more than one wife.

            My question is to born a boy child who is required?  The answer is a girl only. From one male get more than one wife? That time even though the girl child in unwanted but at least they didn’t throw them like todays.No where we found any JANGYA for a girl child. From this all we can conclude the reason behind this female feticide is to get a MUKTI from boys.

            In T.V serials we all everyday watching so many torture on women but, no one put light why it happen? Every year in India so many female feticide cases why? Why the people have such strong superstitions that boy can only help in various regard like the right owner of parental properties, can give light towards MUKTI and for next generation?

            And, the most peculiar is the rate female feticide is more in township than village.  Why, because people are more educated!! In INDIA every year so many cases on female feticide. People no way reluctant for abortion if it is girl child, so many girls we found in drainage. That is why in last population counting we found a long gap between male and female.

            My demand is we have to come over this traditional superstation. We have to give same credential to boy and girl. And we have to stop imaginary peace “MOKSHA” for future and need to think for present.






Fair Skin & Black Skin

Recent Miss America crowning of Nina Davuluri, an American lady of Indian origin attracted lot of media attention in India as well as in US. Here in US it was some what controversial because of many racist comments on twitter about her origin (some thought she was Arab or Muslim or from some non American country), most of them were angry that how come person with non American looks can win Miss America beauty contest. I am sure this was not about whether she deserves this title or not, I am sure she is an American citizen, so all this was because of her looks and origin. I am personally no at all interested in these beauty pageants, they are heavily commercialized events and solely intended for marketing purpose of beauty products targeting specific markets, even these titles are awarded with intention of targeting markets of specific countries or ethnic groups, there is no real purpose behind these contests except to attract media coverage and make money, every country has its own version of Miss, Mr or Mrs something. But this post is not about these pageants or their relevance but about some people’s obsession about fair skin, they are obsessed with it so much that having dark skin is considered as ugly and unfortunate. I already wrote one post about definition of beauty but in this post I want to focus on stigma associated with dark skin in some cultures.

Most contestants entering beauty contests fit into commercial definition of beautiful, as far as their bodies and looks are concerned the only difference which I see is in developed places like US or Europe skin color variety is more, one can find both dark and fair colored (and in between) contestants participating in the event but in most Asian countries by default all contestants are fair skinned even though in some countries (like India) most people are dark skinned. This is not because dark skinned people are not allowed to compete or being barred to participate but because they don’t make the cut, they all get rejected in preliminary screening. The main reason behind this is obsession of people from these countries with fair skin. One can clearly see this just by looking at name of some of most popular skin care products in India like “fair & lovely” or “Fair & Handsome”, companies or people who advertise and sell these products don’t even see anything wrong in these names or in contents of their advertisement.

I have no idea from where this skin color bias has originated, I think at least in India it can be linked to presence of British or Europeans, they were very powerful and ruled the region for long time, so I think people relate white skin with some kind of superiority, may be same logic can be applied for other places in world where white skin is considered as more superior than dark one. Apart from this I don’t think there can be any other reason, according to me any skin color is beautiful white, black, brown, dark or fair all are beautiful, at least I can not pick one over other, so the preference to one particular skin color in people’s mind must have some social reason as it has absolutely nothing to do with beauty. Heavy commercialization of beauty products has resulted in aggressive advertisement of all brands which these companies want to sell, in this process they don’t care what they show in those ads or even what they claim their products can do, all they want is to sell their product at any cost and they take advantage of these type of social stigmas. They also encourage people to mold themselves to fit into their definition of beauty. In India I have seen with my own eyes stigma associated with dark skin, parents of children with dark skin worry about their kids future, specially how their kid will get married with person with fair skin, this worry is special concern for parents of girl child, they even have to pay more dowry in many cases just because of dark skin of their daughter, all this just because of a ark skin.

People who think fair skin is better or more beautiful than dark don’t even realize that indirectly they are practicing some form of racism, calling someone ugly just because of his/her skin color is not less than racism according to me, we need to question this attitude and object to all advertisements who encourage such thinking no matter which company is making them and which actor or celebrity is endorsing them. These companies have total right sell their product in market but they should not advertise them in a way they are doing it now (at least in India). The advertisement which Shahrukh Khan did for ‘Fair and handsome’ cream is really disgusting, I wonder how he didn’t realize it. I hope people get over this false notion of considering one skin color more beautiful than other, we all come in different colors, shapes and sizes, we all are beautiful no matter which advertisement says what. We need to remove stigma associated with any skin color in our society, person’s skin color or external appearance should not be the only criteria to judge that person and brand him/her beautiful or ugly. I think our society has evolved to such a level where we can understand that beauty is more than just external appearance and we all are beautiful, no matter what shape, size or color.