Emotional Hygiene

Few days’ back I came across this amazing talk by Dr. Guy Winch on TED based on practicing emotional hygiene like we practice physical hygiene. I loved the way he presented this great idea of need to practice emotional hygiene. We all pay a lot of attention to follow physical hygiene; we try to keep our body and surroundings as clean as possible because we know that if we don’t then it might result in some kind of illness. But rarely do we pay that much attention towards our emotional hygiene. We all go through different type of emotions every day of our life; some of them are good some of them are bad. Some of them make us happy and encourage doing better but some of them make us sad and might affect our behavior in negative way. We all also consciously or unconsciously develop our own methods to deal with all these emotions which affect us both in positive and negative way. We all know that happiness and sadness are part of our lives, no feeling or situation is permanent but still we sometimes struggle to deal with some negative thoughts and feel overwhelmed by some situations.

Cluttered mind can always cause some problems and that is why I think suggestions offered in Dr. Winch’s talk are so important and relevant. No matter what we do most of us can’t avoid getting affected by different emotions, even while watching a movie or reading some book we get affected by situations presented in them or get emotionally attached to characters of the story. Human being is a very emotional animal, actually all animals are emotional to some extent but we humans know how to display it in much better way and that’s why we get affected by it more than any other species around us. This why it becomes extremely important to practice emotional hygiene. Lingering on with any emotion doesn’t help any of us, the only thing which is constant in life is change and we all know it theoretically but most of us struggle to understand this in real life. I myself have very bad habit of thinking too much about small things and I am constantly working towards getting rid of it. I know it is not easy to get rid of some habits easily but we need to give it a real try if we see that it is affecting our behavior.

I personally understand the importance of practicing emotional hygiene and that is why this talk impressed me so much. In this talk Dr. Winch explains us the importance of it by citing some examples from his own life that’s why I encourage readers to listen to this talk. We all should understand that emotions are not going to go anywhere; they are going to be integral parts of our lives so we need to get better in dealing with all types of emotions. Many times we have no control over the situations in life which we face (like loss of some near and dear ones) but we can control the way we react to these situations and this is where our capacity to practice emotional hygiene comes in to play. I know that it is not easy but it is necessary. Wrong way of dealing with emotions can land us in serious psychological issues and not all these issues are serious enough to clinically label them as mental illness but they can affect our lives considerably. So it is better to be aware of these things rather than being ignorant and suffer without even knowing why we are suffering. I feel this talk will give people some insight into their own emotional health and according to me being aware of emotional hygiene is better than not knowing about it. So please listen to this talk and get benefited.

Emotional Hygiene

Thanks for reading and please share your views on this topic…….Prof.Hitesh Mohapatra