Are you -ive energy? STOP

If you are success in your life, I mean you achieve what you want than you shouldn’t criticize the people who deserve but didn’t get .Suppose you are public figure and you are attached with many people directly and indirectly then your every activity invites either positive or negative energy from them. Even though you don’t know them personally. We should practice to things to protect our self from this negative energy .First one we shouldn’t do any wrong action which may invite negative reaction. Second one is we have to make strong our internal immunity system.

Usually we say “NAJAR LAG GAYI” [HINDI], “DRUSTI PADIGALA” [ODIA] these are nothing but a negative energy created by someone in jealousy. Jealousy is the main source of negative energy. When anybody competing with you, and fail to get success than, he never take part in the joy of your success. And sometime people are so obsessed by negative energy, they plan to take revenge or try to do harm of others. Here the black magic kind of concept comes into the picture.

We human always try to get easy way for solution and i.e. physical. I mean to say we go for “KALA TIKA”,”TABIZ”,”DHAGA” etc. These practices are never being solution, whereas it just deviate our thought process from negative energy to superstition which is itself a source of negative energy. We never try any solution on mental level i.e. in our thought process. So we should take our thought process to such higher level up to which no negative energy able to reach.

For example few people are waiting outside of your home to beat you with stone so in that case we must close all window and door to protect our self. If you open than you will definitely hurt. Same ways the negative energy are like stones and our thought process is like a door or window.

If anybody jealous on you it means he achieved less than you. In this case we should handle these kind people with sympathy rather than anger or revenge way. This process will helps us to create a protective shield to fight against all negative energy.



One thought on “Are you -ive energy? STOP

  1. If U r correct U will achieve despite of all odds. One or the other day U will be successful. “If life says Wait then it will give U the Best”.

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