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As we all celebrate various days in Indian calender like Independence day,republic day ,AIDS day bla bla bla. Mothers day is one of them.In our cerebration level you won’t found any difference. Just one day and one time focus then everything as it is. Our culture in which aged parents and grandparents are loved, respected, recognized and protected by their children used to make us proud. But the scenario has changed.

After near about 60 years of freedom we all very welly know the situation of our mother land INDIA.If I am not wrong , the situation become more worst then past.Same way in our family the situation of our mother is same.If we all our so obedient and know the value and presence of our parent (MOTHER) then,why the current situation is so worst that no one willing to keep their old, helpless and hopeless parents with them. Why, day by day the concept of nuclear family on rise.Because we civilized people treat them like useless stuff.Till they feed us they our parents when our turn come instead of fulfill their request we gave them 100 of question . why you need ? what will you do? can’t you manage? why not you mind in your own business? and so on..

I am sure their parents never asked asked this much question to them…

In current days the teenagers hate to spend time with their parents . But in Mother’s Day all of sudden all love and emotion will start overflow on facebook/phone/papers .Rest of time this social channels always busy with same news elders are abused by son/daughters. As I already mentioned in one of my blog “WE ARE HYPOCRITES BY BIRTH”.We always want credit for what we didn’t do . But, in ground when the time demand for some action we are selfish.

Then why this, one day drama ? I believe this kind of pretend attitude gives them more pain. As our parents (MOTHER) the replica of GOD she can understand everything. We are not smarter then them . As GOD excuse our mistakes , they too. But, after all they are human being even though they are GOD for us. They very welly can feel our hypocrite image. We are like leech . Till we have our self gain we stick to them once demand is full filled …Who are you???

Save the girl child: Sons ignore parents in their old age.

Our statistical reports says the percentage of old age home gradually increasing in our civilized hypocrites society.

So , stop show off.

How to become a super achiever??

A Muslim youth of my acquaintance, born in a village and madrasa-educated, can speak two foreign languages fluently – Arabic and English — without ever having studied for a university degree. I asked him once to tell me the secret of his unusual success. He uttered a single word: “Junoon”or madness, meaning that if you have unflagging determination to achieve your target, you will certainly do so. 
 That youth was a common man. But this formula is also true of those who are known as great minds. One such case is that of Albert Einstein, who, although started his life from very modest beginnings, made such discoveries as ultimately changed the course of scientific history. 


very special sagacity – the determination to pursue his goal to the very end. This determination became his greatest asset, and finally he emerged as the greatest scientific mind of the world.
This is no mystery. It is a formula of nature, and applies to every individual. Everyone is born with great qualities. Potentially, every man is a superman and every woman is a superwoman. What is required is an insatiable desire to turn this potential into actuality. Success is not a gift. It is the result of your own striving. If you want to be a super achiever, first recognise your own capabilities. Everyone is born with some unique quality, and success depends upon discovering it and then utilising it with sound planning.
Always remember that you are created; you are not creator. You have to know your limitations, your external compulsions. You have to know the law of nature. Missing out on any one of these two aspects of life will lead only to disaster. 
 Be ambitious, but not an adventurist. Be confident, but never lose your modesty. Be clear about your target, but never try to achieve it at the cost of another person’s success or peace of mind. You have to be a good planner, but keep away from any kind of corrupt practice. It is good to be a self-made person but not by usurping others’ rights. In short, never succumb to a negative experience: try to turn negativity into positivity.
Always remember that it is not your intention or your desire that determines the course taken by the external world. It is a wise adjustment between your desires and external realities that leads to great success. 
 It is a fact that no one can overrule your ambitions but it is also a fact that you cannot overrule the laws of nature. So always be a realist. Acceptance of reality is the most important principle of any kind of success. 


Every human being, great or small, is determined to live between two different sets of compulsions – limitations and advantages. So you should know your limitations while you avail of the advantages. Never go beyond your limits and never try to avail of that which is ultimately beyond your reach. Always try to maintain a balance between these two different aspects of life, and the result will certainly be success.
 Life is not a smooth journey, being fraught with all kinds of odd and unwanted situations. Accept the reality rather than try to fight it. Don’t forget this wisdom, if you want to see your name listed along with the super achievers. 

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One year back once I was going from Banglore to Odisha . In my compartment I met with one lady of 27 years .After few hours of silence I dare to speak with her ,and after few minute talk she also felt comfortable to talk with me. As per her physical appearance she somewhat extreme slim.As discussion move on it take a new turn simply U turn i.e. marriage of her. She is good in education and her family back ground also good.But,because of her physical look how many proposal came no one answered.She ask me one question i.e. 

To get someone’s love Dose physic is so important?

Dose such people exist who know how to love soul?

She told may be her physic is not attractive but her soul// “मन ” has same desire like others then why she was always humiliated by society?I do not know how to console her ? I am just watching her I felt, her eyes are talking more then her lips.She also told some proposal where they said yes they are just demanding heavy dowry .But,this lady said no to those proposal . She said I will be happy be alone then this kind of marriage.Then no more discussion . Good night to each other.

But, through out night , I was just thinking about same . How many among us try to love and understand soul? We just love outer look . If we found any weakness we start negotiation . 

After one year accidentally again I met her on twitter.She told still she is single decided to be single. 

I didn’t got any caption and solution for this …