Female foeticide.

On 6th /may/2012 the super star Mr. Aamir Khan starts a bold movement named as “SATYAMEBA JAYATE” where the special focus is on female feticide and there was lots of discussion on that. On that TV program by the help of sting operation few sensitive cases of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh where, how the doctors and nurses are illegally indulge in these, we saw and this also helps to increase the TRP of program. This kind of news is no way, new to the society. They also lunch FIR against those antisocial elements but, So far no action is taken on them. Even the rumor says the reporters are in trouble, means they are counter attacked by Indian Law. As per result the reporters are hovering around court till today. Again I found a new session is going to start shortly with some more cases and they also start investigation on those old cases. The honorable CM of Rajasthan Mr. Ashok Gaholat appreciate Mr. Khan and also helps to arrange a meeting with chief justice to put light on these serious issues .As outcome of this discussion  the Govt. plan to establish few fast track courts for these cases ,where the victim can get fast justice.

In top of all, the time will say what will happen, how far these decisions will be fruitful for society.

            But, what I want to discuss here is? Whatever reason the TV show “SATYAMEBA JAYATE” want to focus are those are responsible for these seen?  In my opinion NO. If we want to cure a plant then we have to check the soil quality rather than cutting all branches and leaf. What I feel in this TV show there were no discussion on the root cause of this seen. The questions remain same How to solve? How to stop?


            My question is? Why everybody in our society wants a baby boy? Even if we refer our ancient time i.e. kings age they did PUTRESTHI JANGYA for above. Who told only a boy can give GATI-MUKTI to his parents. Who told only a boy can give MUKHA-AGNI? The answers of these questions I won’t get from “SATYAMEBA JAYATE”. Whereas the fact is the TV show so sensible because of the real victims with real stories. For that Mr. Khan become talk of town.

            What I believe the problem lies in our so far called tradition and custom. In our every   VEDAS, GRANTH and UPANISAD like RAMAYAN, MAHABHARAT everywhere the importance is given to boys. From the very beginning this false concept we want one boy child in any how required.

            In ATHARBA VEDA it was mention the wanting of boy instead of girl child. In RUG VEDA it was mentioned YAMI told her husband the new upcoming boy child will be greatest grandson. In MAHABHARAT also PANDU asked to KUNTI as he got curse that he can’t go for relation with his wife so for that reason he asked to go for relation with any other man who is of equal or more in standard. In Ramayana also the king Dasaratha did a PUTRESTHI JANGYA no need to elaborate it as we all know what happen next. From the Ramayana time also the Devi Sita recovered from soil. In that time the people throws the girl child as garbage in drains and wells. MANU also wrote for a boy child a husband can divorce has a wife and same time can have more than one wife.

            My question is to born a boy child who is required?  The answer is a girl only. From one male get more than one wife? That time even though the girl child in unwanted but at least they didn’t throw them like todays.No where we found any JANGYA for a girl child. From this all we can conclude the reason behind this female feticide is to get a MUKTI from boys.

            In T.V serials we all everyday watching so many torture on women but, no one put light why it happen? Every year in India so many female feticide cases why? Why the people have such strong superstitions that boy can only help in various regard like the right owner of parental properties, can give light towards MUKTI and for next generation?

            And, the most peculiar is the rate female feticide is more in township than village.  Why, because people are more educated!! In INDIA every year so many cases on female feticide. People no way reluctant for abortion if it is girl child, so many girls we found in drainage. That is why in last population counting we found a long gap between male and female.

            My demand is we have to come over this traditional superstation. We have to give same credential to boy and girl. And we have to stop imaginary peace “MOKSHA” for future and need to think for present.







What if everything exists?


Often, when two people debate things like the existence of something like God or paranormal phenomena or telepathy, the course of arguments inevitably leads towards a stone wall. The non-believer asks the believer to prove the validity of his assumptions. The believer challenges the non-believer to prove that he is wrong. The non-believer points out that he can’t prove a negative. The believer laughs arrogantly, only to realise that he can’t prove his side of the argument either. The two parties end up with a sort of truce, each agreeing to allow the other to believe what he wants, while secretly shaking their knowledgeable heads at the other’s obvious lack of intelligence.

The fact that a negative can’t be proven is most famously demonstrated by philosopher Bertrand Russell’s celestial teapot. Russell proposed that if one were to say that there is a teapot in orbit around the sun, between the earth and Mars, there would be no way to prove that person wrong. He is right. But one’s failure to prove their opponent wrong does not automatically imply that the opponent is right. It only shows that one can never be certain. And that goes for both believers and non-believers.

The strength of Russell’s argument roots from the useful habit of assuming that things do not exist until their existence is proven. But what if we were to go the other way? What if we propose that everything exists until the existence of it is explicitly disproven. Sound a bit over the top?

Of course, the reason we don’t do it is because it would overload our world view. We define our world by using both presence and absence, objects and gaps, light and darkness. When defining it, what the world lacks is as important as what it contains. To assume that everything exists would fill up the gaps so completely that the world will stop making sense altogether. It would be like painting a landscape by using every single colour on every single inch of it – the landscape will simply stop being a landscape and turn into something completely incomprehensible.

But the point remains. Our inability to make sense of reality does not negate the true nature of reality.

As it is, human beings’ view of reality is quite limited. Our ears can only sense sounds between 20 and 20,000 hertz. Anything beyond that limited slice of the audible world is practically non-existent to us. Our eyes can only see light reflected in colours of the visible VIBGYOR spectrum. Ultra-violets and infra-reds are all but invisible to us.

The neurons in a snail’s brain fire once every three seconds. This means that if a snail is looking at an apple and you take the apple away quickly (within 3 seconds), the snail will simply see the apple disappear before its eyes. The neurons in your brain fire off millions of times a second, but there is no reason to assume that there can’t be things moving faster than our ability to process their movement. Think spirits, think gods, think angels.

What I am trying to say is that the world we perceive and assume as being real may actually be a very slim slice of true reality.

So what is this “true reality” that I am talking about? What does it really look like? In my post on the universe as imagination, I proposed the idea of God as an enormous mind inside which everything exists as ideas. I am proposing now that what we commonly call reality, is composed of ideas that have found physical manifestation. Think about it. Everything that man has brought about, first existed as an idea. It was accessed through imagination, and then put into physical effect.

It follows then that the part of reality we do not see is mostly made up of ideas that have not found physical manifestation. Information that has not been accessed. Plans that have not been put into effect.

I am in the middle of a book called Morphic Resonance: The Nature of Formative Causation by biologist Rupert Sheldrake. The author makes a reasonably solid case for the presence of a sort of memory in nature. He suggests that the forms that organisms (both macro and micro) take in the course of their evolution are decided by plans that exist in nature as information. These plans are trans-temporal (beyond time and space) fields of information. They are like invisible empty vessels into which matter falls and takes shape – just like water takes the shape of the vessel it falls into.

Particularly interesting is one of the theories that Sheldrake provides regarding the origins of these fields:

One possible answer is that morphogenetic fields are eternal. They are simply given, and are not explicable in terms of anything else. Thus even before this planet appeared, there already existed in a latent state the morphogenetic fields of all the chemicals, crystals, animals and plants that have ever occurred on Earth, or that will ever come into being in the future.

In case you are interested, here’s a quick and dirty intro to Sheldrake’s theory. The idea of there being a plan to things starts to make sense when we look at the various self-regulating systems around us. In space, whenever a specific sort of gas cloud condenses, a star is born. Whenever a certain combination of atoms comes together, only a very specific type of molecule is born. Sperm cells of a certain type mixing with eggs of a certain type always give rise to a very specific sort of animal. These are not chance occurrences. There definitely seems to be a sort of plan at work here – information inherent in nature that dictates the steps necessary for a certain process to flower. Come to think of it, even the eternal laws of physics are simply information embedded in nature.

I think that the debate about whether something exists or not often suffers because our frames of reference are so narrow. What we need to do is to expand the definition of existence to include imagination. We need to start looking at reality as composed of both the subjective and objective. Only then will we begin getting somewhere with relation to questions regarding the existence of G


Why I am writing??


The first poet which one I wrote that is for to escape from pain of one incident .That time I was student of high school. On that poet only the pain hidden there is no artistic work.

During college days just to be point of attraction I wrote number of poets. Just to prove I am not one, among you, I am different, this mentality boost me to write. During my graduation days the writing hobby become on its extreme level I can say it is a kind of addiction. After getting some fame and name I found a drastic change in my concise and thinking process. Still I am continuing my writing because I got motivated from my readers and their comments and compliments. I remembered when I was at Odisha during my M.Tech duration me and my roommate Mr. Debasish Bhuyan as we both closely attached to literature. It gives me power to write. And in this duration I used to write one poet per day. Gradually it converts into a habit.


After I joined in job I found to get free time to write is toughest job. That time I already wrote near about 100 poets. Excluding few of I destroyed rest. Because it was just a warm up for before I go for final. That poet does not contain any in depth truth and feelings .It was not easy to destroy those entire poets. It gave me lots of pain which I cannot explain in words but you can feel it. After that I got enough self confidence I got sound command on words and their use. That time my changed thinking, attitude and behavior leads me to understand the eternal truth about human nature, society and their belongings and, an interest to touch the 100 hearts. My intention is to give a new touch to the modern Odia poet because what I believe that, in current situation the life is so busy So, nobody have time to read and try to understand the ornamental narration.

Now days I am writing with sense that how it can be act as mirror for the society? Either I have reader or not still I am trying my best to represent these issues in literature. For that u need experience, pain and discussion on those. If really anyone want to be a writer he must involve in character but should not execute it. The author should have an independent eye. Pain and dare makes one person unique and real who can explore the internal and naked truth. If a writer in search of luxury and happy life then he never came to know the in-depth matter and their existence mode. So forget of writing.

I want to know the mental status of a person who in his through of life only got failure and bitterness .Even though I am capable of to have a meal at ant 3 star hotel still I want to do fasting for 3 days to know the real pain of hunger. I want to explore the neediness of a society “SAMAJ”  for to understand each other properly.


Crying crow

Once a parrot Mitu and his wife Miti staying happily with their small family .Every day they both fly miles of distance for food and they are enjoying their life. As per rule everyday is not same, onceImage the Mitu got severe fever and it last for 2 years .during those days Miti everyday went alone for food and praying to god for Mitu’s good health. In mean while she met a new friend his name is crow. As Miti looks beautiful so crow fall in love (one sided). And he start helping to Miti in their food searching and everyday at least once per day he definitely took one round from Mitu’s house .After 2 year of long struggle he(Mitu) got cured. But, another problem all ready at door step. The crow starts claiming that he is the husband of Miti. This issue become so serious they means Mitu and crow call PANCHAYATA .And in PANCHAYAT the SARAPANCH listen both sides, he got confuse because as crow for last 2 year everybody saw the relationship between crow and Miti ,no one know what kind of relation is .Finally they conclude ,call Miti as per her statement the decision will be. But one of from PANCHAYAT told as per our tradition women should not attend PANCHAYAT. After that the decision was in favor of crow.Because yester night crow, gave to each PANCHAYAT person one FOSTER beer and 250g.m chicken fry. Then suddenly the crow starts crying .then everybody asked him why you are crying?

Crow- I am thinking if, the great people like you all die then who will make this kind of decision?

Polyster Saree


Interview is going on .There is only post vacant  for typist.As soon as the interview will over I have to return to camp.



-First call to Bijayalaxmi

Bijayalaxmi entered into the room.

-Sit down

Hurriedly she sat on a chair .

-your name?


Well,you completed typing course before 2 years .So do you have any work experience ?


-Why no?[with surprise ]

-I did not get any job.Nowhere

Parallel y I was thinking ,I must saw this girl somewhere and I am trying to recall it.known face,same eyes..I was just confused.And gradually I was able to recognize her. Then I  thoroughly marked her resume.



Oh,I got it .She is Birsha’s daughter.I remember my college days  When I was perusing B.E her father was working as watch man of our hostel.Once I severely sick Birsha only serve me like a family member.I got well soon.For that I gave tips 30 rupees to him But,he did not receive .Because,he is man of self respect

-Bijayalaxmi,How is your father ,I mean Birsha

-[with a choke voice] he passed away last year because of Malaria.

-where are you staying now?

In the same time I also marked her saree,because I know that saree is a costly one.As she is doing nothing ,how she can afford such costly saree?I got some negative thought about her.Does she indulge in any illegal activity?No No ,that is never possible ,Birsha’s daughter never can do such thing?I am just trying to console my self .But,my question remain same.

In wall clock TON TON the time is 12’o clock

Bijayalaxmi suddenly stood up

-Sir,I have to go

-No,please sit have a cup coffee

-Rama,where rare you

-No,thanks Sir

-I have to go

-what so urgent ?

-Sir,I have to return this saree before 1’o clock or else I have to pay extra rent .

-I just ,free zed,I feel like somebody slapped me.

Bijaylaxmi left that place.

Do you Stress Out About Your Feet, Tummy Or Head ?

I was out on one of my morning walks, enjoying the relaxed serenity of the park puntuated by the beautiful songs of the birds. I met one of my colleagues who is an experienced bird watcher. So I call him my bird watching teacher.

As my bird teacher was helping me indentify the various species of birds, he made an interesting observation.

He mentioned that some birds can be found at the foot or the base of the tree, some in the middle of the tree and others way at the tops of the trees.

I wondered for a moment in a relaxed manner how that relates to my body. I guess the base of the tress would be like my feet. In the middle of the tree would be like my tummy and the top of the trees would be like my head.

Do you pay attention to your feet? Do you pay attention to your tummy or do you live in your head and ignore your feet and tummy?

I will leave this up to you to wonder if you relax and pay attention to your body or ignore some parts of your body and then stress about it.Image



First there is shock, which is followed by an active hunt for a job, during which the individual is still optimistic and unresigned; he still maintains an unbroken attitude. Second, when all efforts fail, the individual becomes pessimistic, anxious, and suffers active distress; this is the most crucial stage of all. And third, the individual becomes fatalistic and adapts himself to his new state but with a narrower scope. He now has a broken attitude.Image